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Frosty Mountain Christmas Trees

Wholesale and Choose & Cut Fraser Fir

Madison County, North Carolina

Wholesale Fraser Fir Christmas Trees, Wreaths and Garland

Frosty Mountain Fraser fir Christmas trees receive special treatment so that retail customers are able to sell the best trees available.

Tree Gradesexamples of grades 1, 2 & 3

Premium/#1 #2 #3 High Grade Mix
Uniform, full density with no or few imperfections Uniform
Imperfections limited
Less uniform
Spaces in top and body

#1 - 50%
#2 - 20%
#3 - 30%

Superb tree Excellent Tree Good tree - better than typical Christmas tree in chain store Great commercial mix
For all tastes - Best Value

Photo right: Examples of Typical Grades. Click on photo for larger image.

Sizes Available - Cut, Baled and Loaded

Height 4-5' 5-6' 6-7' 7-8' 8-9' 9-10' 10-11' 11-12' 12-13' Over 13 feet - call

Prices: Call 828.656.8100 for current competive list.


show boothWreaths

Beautiful, full, dense, and heavy. Crafted only from fresh, quality greenery.
Actual wreath diameter is about 12 inches greater than the wreath ring size.

Ring Size 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 20" 24" 30" 36" Cross Arch Straight

Prices: Call 828.656.8100 for current competive list.

garland and wreath displayGarland

Lovely lengths of boughs of Fraser fir or white pine/Fraser fir mix. Available in any length, typically 10 to 25 feet.

Prices: Call 828.656.8100 for current competive list.


Information for Retailers

Frosty Mountain Christmas Trees
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Phone: 828.656.8100
Fax: 828.656.2548

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