first snow at Frosty Mountain

Frosty Mountain Christmas Trees

Wholesale and Choose & Cut Fraser Fir

Madison County, North Carolina

Chain Store Trees

How can we compete with these guys?

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Chains sell lower quality trees at lower prices. They target customers who mostly want a real tree but are not particular about quality. Price is everything.

  You/Us Them
Tree Type High quality, graded trees of good measure.

Our #1s and #2s
Field run blocks from Mega-Growers or brokers. Chains typically sell our culls or #3’s. Short.
When Cut We cut close to pick up in November or even December. September or October. Impossible for Mega-Grower to harvest high volumes close to Thanksgiving.
How Displayed Open, upright in a stand

Usually in the bale or opened leaning against others on a rack

How Kept Fresh Stored in shade, watered

Often not shaded or watered

Retail Prices 6'-7' $7-8 per foot $6-7 per foot
Retail Prices 7'-8' $8-10 per foot $7-8 per foot

To compete with chains and still make more money, we suggest

Frosty Mountain Christmas Trees
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